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A producer creates the framework for the chaos of art to become a business

David Streit Film Producer and Consultant

David Streit is a film producer, film consultant and documentarian with over 35 years in the business. In addition to working on such films as Jurassic Park 3, Species, Paris Texas, Rivers Edge, Deep Cover, and Internal Affairs, he was a Senior Lecturer and Film Mentor at the American Film Institute for over a decade. His films have been to Cannes, Sundance, TIFF and The Independent Spirit Awards and have earned millions of dollars in box office.

David grew up partly overseas and cultural differences have always fed his curiosity. So it's not unusual started as line producer on the cult classic, Rockers, filmed entirely on location in Jamaica, which, when released, was honored at the Cannes Film Festival. David's passion for film has not wavered since, and he is still mining those cultural differences for opportunities in storytelling.

His experience in film production ranges from producer, controlling creative rights, to line producer, to 2nd Unit Director and AD. He continues to make documentaries as a director-cameraman.

As Consultant David Streit brings a vast knowledge of budgeting, scheduling, cast/crew hiring, and post-production to every client. It's his goal is to help you and your team deliver the absolute best film possible!

Currently, based in Los Angeles, he's in development with multiple projects where he continues to produce, teach and consult with filmmakers.

David Streit workshop

Show Me the Money!
Another workshop with award-winning producer David Streit


"David's workshop proved to be a great experience in seeing a script through the producer's eyes. I managed to gain confidence in my ability to produce and found myself quite eager to take what I learned in the program and apply it." - Julia

David Streit, a film consultant, with over 35 years producing films such as SPECIES, INTERNAL AFFAIRS, THE RIVER'S EDGE, and DEEP COVER and a decade teaching at AFI, is passionate about saving filmmakers and producers money, time and energy!

Whether you're an indie filmmaker trying to bring your vision to an audience or a film producer looking to improve your producing skills, David Streit will help demystify the process of creating an effective spending plan. How you spend the money for your indie film project is paramount. Before you hire any cast or crew or acquire film equipment, you must have a solid financial plan.

Date: Saturday, May 18, 2019

Time:: 9AM - 1PM

Place: : AFI, 2021 N. Western Ave. LA 90027
(Warner Building Room 107)

Cost: : $125.00

Materials & Homework: TBD
Contact David at: streitdavid@me.com

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Let my experience be your asset. I can help you:

Producing Credits

David Streit Film Producer and Consultant David Streit Film Producer and Consultant

It began with a low budget "impossible to produce" film, Rockers, which was invited to screen at Cannes that year, 1978. In the 80's came more independent films made in New York and Los Angeles. Early success was rewarded with bigger films, notably Species and Jurassic Park 3. The latest, Interior Night, has been an official selection at more than 11 festivals, with five "best of" awards and is currently available on iTunes, Amazon, GooglePlay, Hulu, and more.

As a film producer with experience in digital and multimedia - including motion pictures, video and internet - I supply the know how and expertise to transfer the stories of the heart and mind to the screen.

In Release

Interior Night film poster

"Interior Night is a complex, provocative film."
Boston Film Festival
View trailer at http://interiornightthefilm.com


Leap of Faith

A multi-faith group from Los Angeles takes an interfaith journey, visiting the holy sites of three religions throughout the Middle East, discovering a faith that unites us all.

Painting the Russian Summer

An international group of plein air artists paint the luscious vistas of Northern Russia in summer.


One room, one man, one painting - 30 days of painting. His vision opens up the room on canvas, revealing the artist himself, Peter Liashkov.

A Visit with Campers

Co-directed and shot (with Robert M. Young)
Disabilities fall away when young adults with Williams Syndrome stand up to perform at music camp. The human spirit, when touched by music, is greater than physical limitations.

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